What do Diabetic Socks do?

2022-12-16 16:39:43 kiki

why wear diabetic socks

Diabetic socks are designed for diabetic patients, both in terms of function and appearance, to suit their needs.

As diabetes progresses, patients are at risk of developing the complication called "diabetic foot". The diabetic foot is a condition that causes infection, ulceration, and necrosis in the lower extremities due to distal nerve and vascular lesions. Diabetic foot is difficult to cure and has a high rate of amputation and death, so diabetic patients need to choose the right socks for daily care.

Diabetic socks have the following main functions:

1. Loose and elastic. Diabetic patients have poor blood circulation, and socks that are too tight can cause damage to the skin.

2. Moisture absorption and ventilation. Quickly absorbing sweat helps to keep the feet dry and prevent bacteria from breeding and causing ulcers on the patient's feet.

3. Keeping warm. Due to the loss of sensation in the lower extremities due to neurological and vascular lesions, warm diabetic socks can prevent frostbite.

In addition, the overall light color of diabetic socks makes it easy to observe the bleeding condition of the feet and thus provide timely and targeted treatment.

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