Can pregnant women wear compression socks?

2022-06-24 14:23:00 kiki

It is clear that pregnancy doesn’t directly cause varicose veins. But during pregnancy, changes in the hormone levels of pregnant women, as well as an enlarged uterus that compresses the veins, can turn out to be triggers for varicose veins - about a third of mothers-to-be develop varicose veins, or swollen lower limbs.

In How compression socks work and the benefits they bring to people, we can find how compression stockings help relieve people's pain. It is easy to see that compression stockings work mainly by physical compression, and the effect is below the waist, which means they do not affect the uterus or the fetus. As long as choose the right socks, compression stockings also do not have a bad effect on pregnant women.

Pregnancy with Medical Compression Socks

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